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I am  a director and writer based in Toronto, Canada.

When I was a teenager I wrote short stories, and that drew me to the magical world of movies, a world I’ve inhabited ever since.

I once had a mentor who told me that “the wonder is in the doing of it”. I have never forgotten that.

Professionally, I started as an editor, and then I moved into writing and directing documentaries for the educational market before making independent features, then television.

My  first feature film, Murder One, had a successful North American theatrical release and this led to many more opportunities, the most important being  Journey Into Darkness: The Bruce Curtis Story (aka Deadly Betrayal) a TV movie which won six Gemini Awards, including Best TV Movie, and Best Director.

I made quite a few dark movies, and quite a few teen shows. Those sensibilities seem to go together. Lately I’ve been doing romantic comedies. In my case love conquers all.

I adore actors and the feeling is mutual. I feel that this instinct combined with my post production background allows me to marry the cast, the camera, and the soundtrack in inventive ways.  I’ll always love telling stories.

My extensive television credits include: Outer Limits, Degrassi, Instant Star, Eleventh Hour as well as numerous movies and mini series for television including Saying Yes to Christmas for Lifetime, and An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving for the Hallmark Channel, and Everest for CBC.

I’ve recently written Love Song, a romantic comedy/musical which I hope to make this year.

I am a member of both the DGA and the DGC.

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